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Modernized Belarusian companies encouraged to produce convincing results

Belarusian industrial enterprises should prove their modernization has been effective, Belarus Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov told media summing up his working trip to Mogilev Oblast and visits to three large regional companies on 25 August, BelTA has learned.

Our main task is to prove that the measures to modernize these companies have been effective. As for the technologies and learning how to use the equipment, this first stage is over. Now we need to find markets, offer competitive prices, maintain the quality of goods, and pay out the loans taken from banks and the government. These funds should be paid off step by step, the prime minister underlined.

The decisions have been good so far, and practical results prove it. Sure enough, we would like this process to run faster. We cannot wait to get the final result. Sometimes, however, you just need to be patient and keep working. This is where we are now, Andrei Kobyakov added.

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