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Minsk region and Hengyeng province intend to develop cooperation in industry and agribusiness

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko heard out a report on the fulfillment of the instructions to stimulate business growth and finalize a package of relevant documents by October, BelTA has learned.

We must have these documents ready by 1 October for the society and businessmen to see, Alexander Lukashenko said.

The president noted that all unnecessary administrative barriers faced by businessmen will be abolished. However, the responsibility of entrepreneurs will be enhanced.

It is expected that a package of documents to encourage business growth will consist of about ten legal acts. Alexander Lukashenko said that before signing he would hear our reports on each of them. If I have no questions after our discussion, I will sign these documents. If there are questions, we will be working to finalize the documents. This is a serious matter and we cannon go wrong, the president said.

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