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Borisov accepts the republican universal exhibition-fair

The XVIII Republican Universal Exhibition-Fair "Barysaiski Kirmash" opens today in Borisov, BelTA learned from Vitaly Zhuk, head of the department for advertising, publishing, information and public relations of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). >

The event will be held at the Culture Center of the JSC "Borisov Plant Avtogydrousilitel" (Chapaeva Street, 56) .There were 15 exhibitors registered to participate in it, including both manufacturers and individual entrepreneurs from different regions of Belarus. "At the exhibition The fair will feature clothes, textiles, cosmetics, perfumes, bijouterie, souvenirs, jewelry, hats, food, agricultural products, as well as beekeeping products, honey, spices and other products. Traditionally, buyers will be able to buy them at producer prices, "said Vitaly Zhuk.

The fair "Barysaiski kirmash" will end on October 14. The organizers of the event are the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Borisov regional executive committee.

17 events are included in the plan of republican exhibitions and fairs in the cities of Minsk region for 2017, and their geography expanded compared to last year. New fair centers were Vileika, Volozhin, Kletsk, Luban, Marina Gorka, Smolevichi, Old Roads, Stolbtsy. The holding of republican fairs in Borisov, Dzerzhinsk, Zhodino, Molodechno, Soligorsk, and Slutsk continues. Most of the universal fairs planned for the current year in the cities of the central region have already taken place. In accordance with the plan of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on November 1-4 Vileika will take the relay race. The previous fair was held at the end of September in Maryina Gorka, it was visited by about 3 thousand people.

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