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Minsk region and Hengyeng province intend to develop cooperation in industry and agribusiness

The Minsk region and the Vietnamese province of Hengyen intend to develop mutually beneficial cooperation in industry and the agro-industrial complex (AIC). This was discussed at the meeting of the Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Anatoly Isachenko with the delegation of the Vietnamese region, BelTA has learned.

The development of relations between Belarus and Vietnam allows the regions of the two countries to interact on this platform. "The Minsk region is ready to cooperate with the Vietnamese side in various fields - agriculture, industry, health, culture." It is important to develop the agreements reached, and that enterprises and organizations fill them with concrete actions, "Anatoly Isachenko said. He also assured the Vietnamese guests in readiness for dialogue on all emerging issues of cooperation.

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Hengyen Province Do Tien Xi expressed his gratitude to the leadership of the Minsk region for the proposals. In turn, the first deputy chairman of the People's Committee of Hengyeng Dang province Ngok Kuin noted the significant potential in cooperation between the Minsk region and the Vietnamese region, primarily in industry and agriculture. The Vietnamese side is interested in attracting and using modern Belarusian technologies in these areas to increase labor productivity.

An example of successful cooperation between the regions of the two countries may be the joint production of dairy products in the province of Hingyi. As explained by the head of the department for external economic relations of the Economy Committee of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, Olga Gavruk, active negotiations on the creation of such production have already begun. The project is comprehensively studied with the Vietnamese investor. He proposes the opening of an enterprise for the production of dairy products from Belarusian dry milk. "We have come to Vietnam with the European food culture, which is especially popular among young people, and we expect that the opening of such a production and production under the Belarusian brand will allow us to find a new niche in the Vietnamese market.The geographical position of Vietnam provides an opportunity for advancement in the countries of Southeast Asia and other species Goods, "- said Olga Gavruk.

The visit of the delegation of Hengyun province to Belarus will last until August 11. The guests are scheduled to meet with the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ministry of Industry, as well as visits to a number of enterprises in the Minsk region, including OAO Dzerzhinsky Agrocombin, Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations, Zdravushka Milk and others. P>

The province of Hyungjen is characterized by developed agriculture and specializes in growing rice, saffron, tropical fruits, etc. The region actively develops its own infrastructure. There is a high demand for meat and dairy products, baby food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and machinery. In the province, since 2017, the implementation of the Belarusian-Vietnamese projects on the industrial assembly of trucks MAZ and the production of dairy products using Belarusian raw materials has begun.

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